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Top Questions Answered by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson

One Direction continue to move in the direction of success and their newest album, Take me Home, is thought to be a level up from their previous album, Up All Night, which as their debut album reached number one on the US Billboard 200. Louis’ thoughts on the new album are that he really likes: “Back for You” as a track because “We did a lot of writing for that track and that was fun.” Louis is perceived as one of the more opinionated members of the group and he is the oldest member of One Direction. Here are a few questions answered from the archives of One Direction’s, Louis Tomlinson.

1. How would you describe yourself?

“Flamboyant; I once went to Ibiza for a day and had just decided to go there the day before.”

2. What’s been the highlight for you out of everything?

“When it was announced that we had won the Brit Award was just amazing.”

3. How are the fans round your girlfriend?

“I think that on the whole, for both mine and Liam’s girlfriend the fans are very, very supportive and I think that it shows on the whole the fans are really good to the girls.”

4. Are you surprised by your adoring fans?

“Yeah. We are surprised. I don’t think it’s anything you can ever get used to really. I think it’s an amazing feeling that these people are there for us. At the end of the day, were just doing something that we love and to be appreciated for that is really nice.”

5. Do you guys have a lot of fun together?

“We get on and I think people question that it seems a little too good to be true sometimes. But we actually do get on well, which is crazy considering we didn’t actually know each other 18 months ago.”

6. Is coming away together like one big lark?

“Yeah, it’s amazing. This would be such a different story if we were solo artists. I don’t know if me personally, I’d be able to hack it if I were a solo artist; it’s a lot of time away from home but to have the other guys with you. It’s really nice. It makes everything just so much more fun, you know. ”

7. How do you feel about Marmite?

“I love it and I if you’re going to use it you should have to town on it so big dollops with the Marmite.”

8. If you had to sing a song to a girl, what song would you choose?

“I’ve always liked ’Look after You’ by the Fray. It’s a good song. The Fray are a good band.”

9. What do you do on your down time?

“Just really normal things like call my mum, play football (soccer) if we have chance…video games. Just really normal stuff, watch films, that kind of thing.”

10. Do you have any favourite shows that you watch?

“Homeland; it’s so good.”

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